Different Black And White Bedrooms


Bedroom is such a place where  we spend our free time and want to relax in it  because when we become fed up with the dull routine of the whole day then we want to  stay  on our bed and want to lying on the bed for few hours .bedroom is  our place where we can do anything according to our choice  because in the bedroom   only you  live and the  setting of that room should be according to your mood and the  nature because the  atmosphere of the house is much effected on the  mood of the person.

There are so many things which a person can keep secret in his bedroom except of it  you can play, study ,sleep, party and much more fun but the neat bedroom show your personality because your  room setting can  tell your personality .in this modern age when all things are changing then how can be possible that the setting of the room is remain old so the black and white color is evergreen whether it is in anything  black and white color decorating give your room a moody and dramatic look it gives your room a classic hues   to create a designer choice .

Black and white bedroom:


in the room you can do the white wash in white color and keep all the things in white color  but the decoration should be in black color as just like that you can keep the vases and the  in black color with the white and red flowers it will give your room a fresh look   curtains and the  bed cover should be in  black color and on the site table keep the black lamps   and the center of the room should be  decorated with the black map.

Black wall with white combination:


In the room if your wall color is black  then hang a black and  white scenery on it and  in the side of the bed keep the wardrobe In white color  in the side of the room keep the white side tables because when it is lying under the  black wall paper  and the bed cover  can be in the printed form in  white and black   floral print is also good  with the white and black color cushions and the pillows this  room is best for the young boys they can keep it clear.

Classic touch in trend:


The trend of black and who  is inn but if you want to give the room to your grandparents  in the small bedroom you can keep bed and its  side keep the side table that should be in the wood structure because old people like the old things  wood furniture will give your room a classic touch   the wardrobe and the  floor is made of wood then use the  white bed  and the black curtain  with the  black lamps and the white mat is also good in the classic style made for the classic  inspiration.

Room for the girls:


The girls like to keep their room neat and clean and the black color is favorite of everyone and   the combination of black with white give a great look to your room it is good for you make your walls in black color and the ceiling in white   organza curtain in white color look nice although silk curtain in black will also give your room a good touch on the bed front use the black fur mat and   the white chandelier is good setting for your room.

Romantic bedroom for couple:


The newlywed couple who want to decorate their room then they can set their room in this style on the back of the bed white and black color silk curtains and the  inside of the bed use the mirror it is  new style  and give your room a modern touch  use the white bed cover  with the silk  pillow covers and the cushions  you can hang the painting in black color frame with the white vases and the other decoration on the wall at the place of painting you can hang your wedding pictures  in the black in white frae it will give your room a great and stylish look.

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