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Small Bathroom Storage Ideas Best Small Bathroom Organization for Small Bathroom Organization - Man 17

Mostly people have an issue to keep bathroom clean and tidy because there is no place in bathroom to store things. Those who have a small bathroom have to face this big problem. There are a lot of things which we cannot store anywhere except bathroom. Anyhow it does not matter whether the bathroom is small or big. It totally depends on our manners to keep it tidy. Here are some ideas to store things in good manners. Put some plants in bathroom to make it fresh and a mirror should be a necessary part of the bathroom.

If your bathroom is small then follow this idea to organize your bathroom. First of all, make a shelf near to the ceiling to keep towels and place a towel bar under it. Put some flowers on the water tank of comoud. Place a mirror on the wall. And if there is no space of making a drawer or cabinet then use some buckets to store your necessary things just face wash, shampoo etc. Put these buckets on the floor.
This bathroom is looking a tidy place.

A side drawer is placed on the side of the comoud. Everything is kept in a very good manner in the side drawer. If your bathroom is small then follow this picture. This bathroom is looking very nice. A glass door is placed in the centre of the bathroom to make it separate from toilet. Its partition has made it distinctive and it is a very good thing.

An almirah or a shelf should be necessary for bathroom. Bath towels are kept in shelves in a very good manner. This shows the good manners of a housewife.  It is a very nice idea to use the area of the vanity. Above it, there is an almirah and all necessary items of cosmetics like cream, perfume, lotions, cotton buds and hair brush are kept in it.

Cabinets are also placed under the vanity to store things.
If there is not enough space to store necessary things then it is a good idea to hang baskets. You can use them as a rack or an almirah. You can put towels, bottles of shampoo, body lotions, and many other things. Put a flower vase on your water tank of lavatory to make your bathroom beautiful. It is good idea to place a towel bar under the wooden shelve. You can put bottles of face wash, hand wash and other things on the shelf.

Decorate your bathroom with a large mirror. If you have storage problem then use your old baskets to make a rack for your shoes. Put some paintings to decorate the wall of the bathroom. If the space is short then hang some baskets on the back wall of the door. You can make these old baskets useful.
A towel bar should be placed on the side of the bath tub.

Cabinets are placed above the towel bar near the ceiling. In this way your wall will look tidy. It will look good if you make an almirah with the door of looking mirror. In this way, you can save your space of a mirror. You can put your cosmetics in sided almirahs. Use a bowl to put your hand towels and place it on your vanity.

If you have a big bath room then it is easy to keep it clean. A large almirah should be placed in your bathroom to keep all your things like shampoos, lotions and towels etc.  A mirror should be an essential item in your bathroom. Divide your bathroom into two parts. One part is for bath and other for toilet.

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Small Bathroom Storage Ideas Best Small Bathroom Organization for Small Bathroom Organization - Man 17

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