Wedding Culture and Tradition and Decoration in Turkey:


Many of the Turkish still believe that without traditions and culture a marriage didn’t done perfectly. There is another concept in the culture of turkey that the younger sister or brother cannot get married till their older siblings will be unwed. Many of the traditions and culture are different in rural and urban areas of turkey.



The age of the bride according to the Turkish traditions is 20 in rural areas specially. And the age of the groom should be 22 mostly.

Finding bride with traditions:

A small engagement for an arranged or directly harmonize marriage may both include a traditional celebration ceremony, Söz Kesimi, a suspension of hostilities to marry buttoned up in front of guests. The bridegroom’s family brings a ring, an embroidered handkerchief and sweets. The ring and handkerchief are given to the bride once. Then both families have given their sanction to the wedding and then the sweets are shared with the guests


The bride is ceremonially dressed in a special, ornate outfit and jewels supplied by the groom and his mother, and they follow the following concepts in their engagement ceremonies.

Red ribbon:

In the Turkish wedding tradition, a bride ties red ribbon around her waist symbolizing her abstemiousness and an asseveration to the bridegroom. As in, he’s the only one who gets to untie that knot on her waist; this is the most famous culture and traditions at the day of engagement.


Big Cake cutting:

It’s kind of a tradition in turkey’s culture that they arrange a huge cake on their engagement and cut it off after having couple dance. Then they serve the cake to their friends and family.



First day both of the houses like groom’s and bride’s family gathered in bride’s home and then they raise the flag of their country, according to them it presents the initial stage to proceed the wedding ceremony. Many of the guests were invited at flag raising ceremony. They dance, sing songs and have a lot of fun in bride’s home. After it the second night there will be a Kina Gecesi of bride, where the bride is dyed with henna on hands and foot, and the family of bridegrooms passes money and gifts to each other. And they also decorate henna plates and have flowers everywhere, which look pretty awesome.

After it a wedding ceremony takes place at Thursday. The wedding ceremony is named as Al gelin. This day the bride got married to the groom.

The consecution is a colorful and noisy celebration which often takes a circumvention to add an excitement before arriving at the final destination of fetching bride. They travel through motorcades or they travel wandering to fetch bride. Then the bride receives her groom and her parents in law from the door, and then the groom separated from their friends and attends the ceremony of having shaves and taking bath and getting ready for the wedding ceremony and they also offer prayer before moving towards ceremony. After it the proper wedding ceremony starts and nikah takes place. Afterwards they have dinner together and then move towards the nuptial chamber. This place is also decorated with flowers and traditional red curtains.



After all of it any of the elder one take groom and bride towards the chamber by holding their hands and they recites ritual prayers until they reach’s the chamber. Wedding in Istanbul very different to a provincial wedding so if you are going to attend a Turkish marriage, attend the rural one instead of Istanbul, because Istanbul presents their marriages now a days in western concepts. The reception place is decorated well with red color mostly.


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