Gorgeous Christmas Decoration Ideas


The month of December is here and the people are so excited for the Christmas because this is the special day for all the day of 25 December is very memorable for all the Muslims and non Muslims all the people are gathered in the church and pray for the best year and their demanding too much for themselves because it is the wish of everyone that his all wishes will be fulfilled .

too much fun and the exchanging  of happiness is  among the people all the people are so much excited for the Christmas shopping because the Christmas so much colorful event all the people want to make this event memorable  all the places of the cities are decorated with the  buntings ,ribbons and the balloons and the candles that give your place a beautiful  sights and the girls are very excited for the trendy colorful  things  and the decoration of the  function  is very appealed so if you want to décor your home  then see these decoration which are very nice and  colorful .

House door decoration:


For the Christmas you  can use the colorful balls ,buntings ribbons and the  Christmas ornaments  are good on the threshold you can use the colorful plants with the silver and red color  ornaments  with the hanging  balls and these ornaments can hang on the roof  with decorated plants pot in the corner of the gate  on the  door the wreath in the decorated way is looking so nice  the wreath  is also embellished with the  plants and the colorful ornaments and net style bow  is on the wrath is looking so nice.

Dining room decoration:


In the dining room where the guest will sit and dinner that place  should be decorated in the good way means in the center of the table keep the fruits basket  and lit the candles in the  basket  and on the table upper   decorate the ceiling with the  colorful chandelier  in the lamps you can use the plants and the cherries with the Christmas ornaments the  cherries from the plants are giving the scene like the cherries are falling from the  plants  all the lights are off  only the center chandelier will give the light in the whole room.

Christmas hall deck:


The deck of the  hall should be decorated in a nice way  in the side of the table put a plant or a tree  which is fully decorate with the plants and the lights  and the colorful ornaments are using on the plant that are making the place so attractive and illuminated  on the table you can put the stuff  in the sequence  whether it is in green and in red  any color  on the table hang the colorful Christmas ornaments  with different colorful  dishes like cake ,cherries ,juices and many other things.

Christmas presents décor:


On the Christmas if you are going to presents the gifts or represent the Santa clause come and the gift has put for you then decorate the  gifts with red and green color gift paper  with the colorful lamp which is full of  Christmas ornament in the silver red and white color keep it  and in the other jar keep the chocolates and the candies  and lit a candle and in the whole room full darkness  it can give you a good looking  at the night of the 24 December

Center table decoration:


In the center of the table keep the decoration pieces  means make the table fully lighted and illuminated  take a round style mirror  and take the old glasses and put it turned back  in the glasses keep the charismas ornament in red, blue, green ,pink  and on the stand of the glass  put the candles and lit them  it will give your wedding center table  a  fascinating look. In the sides of the whole place use the LED lights and make the place lighted and attractive.

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