Diy New Year’s Eve Party Decoration Awesome Ideas


New Year’s Eve also known as old year’s day, the last and biggest day of the passing year is on December 31st six days after the Christmas day. In many countries, New Year’s Eve is celebrated as at evening social gatherings, where many people dance, eat, drink and watch or light the fireworks to mark the New Year. The celebrations go on past midnight into January 1st New Year’s Day. There are large celebrations which may feature concerts, sports events, late-night partying, and fireworks with free public transit service during peak party times in most major cities.

Some people arrange the New Year’s Eve part at their homes on the vast terrace or in the grand lawns. They decorate the homes properly in the honor of New Year.  New Year’s Eve is approaching and it comes with vision of parties and friends and family get-togethers. If you are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style, then there is wonderful collection of diy part ideas, sure to make your party a huge success.

If you have no idea how to decorate then you should use glitter to make things beautiful because adding glitter makes every New Year’s party a hit. These wine glasses are decorated with spray of silver and golden glitter, done on the outside of the glasses. Make the festive drink stirrers with different colors of tiny rubber balls. You can also easily make a centerpiece using your old glass soda bottles by spraying paint in black, golden and silver glitter. Make glittery numbers of the cardboard so that you can officially announce arrival of the next year by displaying the numbers 2017.

You can add glitters to your food too but the glitter for decorating the food should be edible because edible glitter will not harm your health. You can easily decorate any table with glass bowls filled with silver beads, garlands and chandelier. For a New Year part at the home, create instant drama by filling the ceiling above the dinner table with golden balloons and attach your family photographs or the pictures of invited guests to balloons strings. Your guests will be happy and amazed by seeing their own smiling faces because it is a unique idea.

If you have a small table or even a fireplace mantel, you can set up a mini confetti station with everything that your guests need. Fill the boxes, bowls, trays and plastic glasses with confetti and remind everyone to visit the station shortly before midnight so that they can throw their confetti when the New Year arrives. Add a clock and place it on the dinner table. This is a great idea for an easy centerpiece that will surely get lots of attention.

You can decorate the black wall of the table with metal streamers for backdrop of the wall.
Create masks for your guests in different colors and shapes, in this way you will be surprised your guests. Surprise your guests and make feel happy kids by these confetti balloons. You can make them easily. Use a funnel or create cone with paper to drop confetti into each balloon. When it is time for the late night dance party, pop your balloons for a full on confetti explosion.

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