Toys Decoration Ideas For The Kids Room

how to decor kids room with toys (4)

Decoration makes your house best and good for your living because without decoration your house look so bad and boring so in the house use the decoration things  and  if your house is too short but the setting of your house is in proper way and  in the stylish new style then your house look  modern and the  great .in the house you can use your all favorite things because no one can  forbid you .

all the people of your family like to live in the separate houses because everybody wants to keep his thing secret and  hide from the others  so we give the kids a separate room  where they can play study , do the party and sleeping with the great fun  so  the decoration of the kids room is not very difficult  so with the different things you can decorate your kids room  stay with us and see the different  walls to decorate the kids room with toys.

 Parrot with the white:

1. how to decor kids room with toys

in the kids room you should use the dark and vibrant color because the dark color look nice to see the kids  parrot color  cabinet are made in the room with the white  color  distemper  and the cabinet are in the colorful way  the walls are white so the  reading table is in the  white color and the other thing in which the toys are kept  are in the part shaded on the  racks you can keep the soft toys  blocks and  for the boys keep the cars and the train style toy and  for the girls the   dolls and the  fake pots are used .

Separate rack for toys:

2. how to decor kids room with toys

The rooms of the kids are decorated in the nice style white color paint on the walls with the brown color wood floor the alphabet style poster on the walls with the pictures of the kids .in the side of the room keep the bed and the side tables and at the other side of the room keep the white color rack with different  boxes  for the different stuff toys and keep the bags in the side of the  room in the rack  soft toys, plastic styles  toy   and the toy  printed  mat and carpet for the decoration.

Door decoration:

3. how to decor kids room with toys

The decoration of the room  can’t be completed without the decoration f the walls and the doors because door is the compulsory part of your  room so on the door you can use the  balloons , ribbons, ornaments and the hanging  cartoon characters  blocks  on the back of the door hang the dolls  in large amount it is for the girls room and in the boys room you can use the pistols  for shooting  the toy rack is in the side of the room with the drawers  in which the kids can keep their things secret  these  drawers are decorated with the animal pictures  and the cartoon  characters.

Hut style toys rack:

In the room you can make the  rack in the hut style  the side portion is  made for the playing whenever make the other for the sleeping and rest the side wall  of room is decorated with the  colorful  paint on the walls the cartoon character on the  walls  and the hut style rack  is in the side of the  room with the different toys the soft   toys in one cabinet and the battery in another   and keep the tiny toys in a jar  with the floor cushion and the  balloons with the china lights.

Toys jaal in the room:

5. how to decor kids room with toys

The room is painted in the light color the painting pictures and the cartoon posters are on the wall and you can use the cartoon inspired wallpaper for making your kids room special  in the side of the wall you can use the net  jaal in the large and small size and in these jaal  you can keep your toys in good arrangement  because sometime you have not enough space to keep the rack and the boxes for keeping the things so in the jaal your space is also  save and no danger for breaking that rack. It look so stylish and trendy portion for of your kids room.

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