Space Saving Double Decker Beds for Your kids Room


Oftentimes, some mothers out there would love to plan a room for their kids wherein it is shared together by four kids. But if you got a bigger family and you only have a limited space then the only solution to your big problem in this case is to design a room that would accommodate for your four kids. The best way to do this is to furnish the bedroom with two sets of bunk beds.

In a bunk bed normally one bed is stacked above the other bed; the style of this bed is the beast way of conserving the space for a bedroom most especially when it is for four or more than four kids. So in this way the rest of the space can be used for play area and other functional space that your kids can enjoy. Furthermore, you can achieve a fresh and organized design for your kid’s room.

This is so stunning! The style is simple yet has a very clean and organized look. It is very important that there is color coordination from blankets, cushions, pillows and rugs and other linens. It seems that it would be a perfect room for weekend sleepovers of your friends and family.

This beach style bedroom would be a perfect set-up for your kids. White paints always give a clean and vibrant look into every room. Shelves and hidden drawers also play an important role in a room which makes it looks tidy. Your kids would really love the color and the style of this room in which everything is neat and properly done.

Two queen size beds and two double beds above would accommodate a large amount of grand children. It would be very attractive to see if natural light is well-balanced throughout the room. If your kids want to have privacy for their space then curtains are the best right choice. Bunk beds are great idea for saving space and stairs are the most important part in this type of bed and the design of this bunk bedroom is perfect for your four kids.

The bunk room has two walls lined with bunk beds. Rooms always look attractive and presentable when you know how to play with colors. It seems that this room displays a contemporary style because adding up colorful rug and chair would look very soothing.

The bedroom is looking so nice with frozen inspired theme. The iron ladder teams with white bed linen, white frame and all area in frozen theme to create an effortlessly chic and airy appearance. If your four children are sharing a room then this ingenious arrangement of bunk beds is a terrific solution. Building them into the corner makes maximum use of the floor space, while adding the cubby at the head of each bed guarantees every child a private nook.

This bedroom harbors four beds but still looks to have masses of floor space. The centrally placed ladder becomes a design feature rather than a hindrance and the clean crisp lines of the bunks almost become moment of contemporary architecture.

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